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Ironically, I realized that while I know in my head how important rest is. I do not know how to do it well. Sometimes, when it’s time to work, I tend to think about the need for more rest then when it’s time to relax, all I think about is preparing for the next items in my to do list.

Last night, I had that rare opportunity to cap off the night at around 9pm. The norm over the past weeks has been ending work time past 11pm to midnight which means I get to sleep past those hours. However, while I recognize that it’s good to take advantage of the time to rest early, I ended up browsing through the internet taking care of “lighter work” such as looking for inspiration for next month’s content and planning what I would do tomorrow and again sleeping past midnight.

Ironically, I realized that while I know in my head how important rest is. I do not know how to do it well. Sometimes, when it’s time to work, I tend to think about the need for more rest then when it’s time to relax, all I think about is preparing for the next items in my to do list.

So here I am now, writing this blog as I think I am not alone in feeling this way. It seems to me that we live in a world that celebrates productivity, which is not exactly bad but does it so much more than it emphasizes the value of rest. We are inundated with ways on how we can develop productivity but somewhat incapable of really resting well.

I like how this line from another article captures it, “my struggle is not in allowing myself time off, but rather with truly making that time my own.” Worse is when we start to equate rest with doing nothing then start to feel guilty for doing so.

If this is relatable to you, I encourage you to read on as I put together 6 simple yet significant ways we can find rest even while we hustle.


1. your accomplishments do not define you

Take a moment, let that sink in and read it again. If need be, post it somewhere on your work desk where it can serve as a constant reminder. This does not mean we do not have to excel and do our best in everything we do. By all means, let us use our God-given talents in serving others and the company we work for but at the end of the day, let it be clear that our worth is based on who God (our creator) says we are and not on the work we do. I believe truly understanding this can take a load of pressure off your shoulders which is sometimes the culprit that would lead us to choose pulling off constant unhealthy all-nighters over proper rest because of all the work that needs to be done.

2. cap off each night well and rest like you mean it

Easier said than done but just as we seek ways to be more productive, let us also seek improvements in the way we choose to rest. Let us veer away from the perspective that rest is simply doing nothing or just a necessary tool so we can be productive again the next day but rather see it for all the benefits it brings to our health and wellness. You might be surprised how small changes like setting aside your mobile phone 1 hour before going to sleep, diffusing calming essential oils or finding a more comfortable pillow can already make a difference. Rest after all is a valuable gift from our creator and instead of feeling guilty when we choose to rest, we can feel pleased that we understand what it means to rest well and that we are able to give it the proper time it deserves in our daily life.


There’s a reason why we sometimes use the line “woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning” and that’s because, how we start our day can influence how the rest of our day would look like. This is not so much about what we do but more about our state of mind and heart in the morning that could translate to either a positively productive rest of the day or a stress filled one.

What I personally like to do is to turn on my diffuser with calming essential oils as I spend time in prayer. This way, I am reminded to entrust my day into the hands of God so I’m reminded that when things don’t go my way, it was never truly just mine to begin with and I can trust in the purpose of every circumstance regardless if it’s good or bad.


Negative emotions brought about by stressful situations at work or elsewhere, are uncomfortable and if we don’t take notice of our tendencies, it could lead us to shove those emotions down or cope in unhealthy ways in an attempt to escape it. Oftentimes, we do this so it will not distract us from being productive at work but negative emotions if left unprocessed, can manifest itself in unhealthy ways either physically or in our relationships.

Instead of escaping, we’d be better off managing negative emotions without resorting to denying it. Acknowledging our feelings while taking deep breaths can already do wonders and help us clear our mind so we are able to be truly productive and come up with wise ways to address the problem at hand.

5. get comfortable with the idea of an unfinished to do list

If we happen to be alike, an unfinished to do list used to weigh down on me because this means it has to carry over to tomorrow’s work so I end up being caught in the cycle of one unfinished list after another. This mindset was stressful until I came face to face with the reality that the task list I think I should do will always be longer than the list I can actually do. In this case, it was a simple switch from a place that resists reality to a more accepting one that helped clear my mind which is crucial if we would like to stay calm whilst being productive


We often deal with a voice in our head that tells us to be productive but what does that really mean? Productivity could mean very different things for me and for you and it helps to take a closer look at how you personally define productivity. Does it translate to ticking off all the items on your list for today? Does it equate to always doing something all the time? Is it productivity that leads to monetary gains? These are some of the common ways we define productivity. Economics after all, has defined productivity as output produced per unit of input. No wonder this mindset has relegated rest to doing nothing therefore, “unproductive” which we subconsciously buy in to if we don’t take time to think about

The point here is to check our own beliefs with regards to productivity because if we don’t, the rest of the world will define it for you. We ought to see that productivity at the expense of our own health will cost more in the long run. Productivity at the expense of relationships, we will find out is not worth it and productivity for the sake of being productive in the end is empty.

For everything is created to have its proper time and place in our lives and that includes finding rest and doing it well.  

Wright, F. Rest like you mean it: The problem with productivity culture.


Hi, I’m Des and I’m an entrepreneur, certified aromatherapist and Christian cognitive behavioral therapy practitioner. After leaving behind a 10-year career in the corporate world, I took my certification in aromatherapy and started Aurae Natura. My hope goes beyond providing you reliable and credible information about aromatherapy and therapeutic-quality essential oils but to serve you meaningful content that will also nourish you mentally, emotionally and  spiritually.

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