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choosing essential oils to buy first


I’m guessing by this time, you have now chosen where to buy your oils from, so the next challenge is choosing which oils to buy especially when faced with a lot of options not to mention that some of them come with a pretty hefty price tag compared to others.


A good place to start would be by identifying your goals for taking this journey with essential oils. Is there a specific concern that you would like to deal with like allergies, sleep problems or stress where 1 or 2 specific essential oils can already help or are you also hoping to replace many of the synthetic products you use in your home in which case starter kits with 3 or more essential oils would work better for you?


When you get to our recipes (this page is coming soon), you would see that I have tried to lay down those which are basic in every home and kept the beginner and budget conscious in mind. I have also created variations for the blends and mentioned some possible substitutions especially if you are working with a limited collection.


While it can be incredibly fun to have a wide array of essential oils, it is also possible to do so much with just a few. Below would be my recommended beginner list of essential oils:


Lavender essential oil is definitely up there in terms of versatility and gentleness. It is great for beginners but stays as a must-have in every collection regardless of how long you’ve been in the aromatherapy world. It has a well-loved, soft, powdery, floral, herbaceous aroma. It is also gentle, skin nourishing and can soothe sore and tender areas and can help encourage the natural recovery process. It’s components linalool and linalyl acetate are well-researched and are notable for its calming and relaxing qualities making it a popular choice for sleep support blends. Our certified organic, therapeutic quality lavender essential oil are steam distilled from flowers grown in lavender fields of France.

The presence of menthol in peppermint essential oil gives it a vibrant, refreshing and revitalizing aroma that is unmistakable! It is great for days when a boost of mental clarity, energy and sharp senses are needed. It is a perfect travel companion blended with citrus oils to calm discomfort from motion sickness. It is interestingly cooling on skin but becomes warming in higher concentrations. A staple in most collections. A classic favorite.

Tea tree essential oil is best known for its purifying properties. It has a fresh, sharp, penetrating and cleansing aroma that is also sometimes described as medicinal. Nonetheless, it has found its staple place in most collections because it is a powerful anti-microbial yet gentle on skin. My personal choice for acne spot treatment when blended with lavender and aloe vera gel and for cleaning (blended with lemon) for extra strength in keeping germs away.

Lemon essential oil is the ultimate uplifter and a personal favorite especially for cleaning blends! It doesn’t just clean surfaces but can also purify the air. It is great for diffusing around the home as it brings a crisp, zesty clean, refreshing aroma. Limonene, its main component is well-researched letting us know that this essential oil is not just good for cleaning but can be used to soothe muscles and joints in a massage while being emotionally uplifting at the same time!

Sweet Orange equals “joy” in every essential oil collection. Cold-pressed from the rinds of organically grown oranges and a great enhancer in essential oil blends to provide a fresh, sweet, refreshing aroma. Popular in application on the tummy to soothe discomfort and blends well with peppermint in an aromatherapy inhaler as a travel companion to calm travel queasiness and gently brighten your mood.

Eucalyptus essential oil is a classic and well-renowned for supporting healthy breathing. It has found its place as an ingredient in formulations of over-the-counter home-remedy products to clear congestion due to its main component 1,8 cineole (also known as eucalyptol). A slight opening of the bottle and breathing in its aroma will reveal a fresh, penetrating, camphoraceous and invigorating aroma that’s great for diffusing and massage. Another classic. Another must-have essential oil in every home.

Your ideal companion during exam week! Rosemary essential oil is known to be stimulating to the mind and aids concentration and helps soothe mental fatigue. It has a distinct, fresh, herbaceous, camphoraceous, aroma that’s a great addition in revitalizing massage blends and a soothing companion for tired and achy muscles and joints. Our certified organic Rosemary essential oil are steam distilled from rosemary leaves grown in Spain.

One of the precious gifts for the newborn king and rightfully so. Frankincense has been used on centuries-old rituals from religious in nature up to beautifying the skin and these practices has contributed much to its modern day use. Its balsamic, resinous, warm, woody aroma is ideal in creating peaceful and quiet spaces for reflection and meditation while its also beautifully nourishing for the skin – I personally can’t go without it in my facial wash blends! Our certified organic Frankincense essential oil are from resins sustainably harvested from the land of Somalia.

The go-to essential oil for its mosquito repelling properties. Citronella essential oil has a crisp, fresh, lemony aroma with a grassy undertone that can be enjoyed by humans especially when blended with sweet citrus essential oils but disliked by bugs and germs. So feel free blend with your lotions, carrier oils and cleaning blends to keep those unwanted bugs away!