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essential oil storage and care tips

make it last

If we would like to find out more about the use and other information about a product, it is natural for us to start our search by going to the company who designed the product. If I would like to know how long a product will last, it wouldn’t make sense for me to define the shelf life of a product myself, I would have to check the label or ask the manufacturer.


The same goes for essential oils, each type would have a different shelf life. Citrus oils are more prone to oxidation (the process that breaks down essential oils) and could have about 2 years shelf life but other oils could last longer up to 5 years even. Factors that speed up oxidation are oxygen, sunlight and heat (the reason why most oils are stored in a dark colored bottle) so storing your oils cold will help improve its shelf life. In fact, an article from Robert Tisserand has mentioned that keeping essential oils refrigerated will make them last twice as long!


Hence, since we are aware of the factors that speed up oxidation, do note the tips below in caring for your essential oils.


  1. Keep essential oils away from sunlight
  2. Keep essential oils refrigerated (ideally 2-4 degrees Celsius) to extend its useful lifespan
  3. Do not leave the cap off for prolonged periods of time (the more air inside, the faster it will oxidize)

So do check the labels of the oils you buy or ask from the brand you bought it from because essential oils do expire or more specifically, oxidize. So while it won’t grow molds or yeast because of its properties, the process of oxidation can alter the chemical composition of an essential oil making it unfit for its original intended use or could lead to higher chances of skin irritation during use but like the recommendations mentioned above, there is a way to care for it that will make it last longer.