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Unlock the benefits of sleep in 2023: 5 reasons why you should make it part of your resolutions for a better you!

Too often, we see rest as something that we do after a long period of productivity (sometimes to the point of burn out) as if it’s a reward we give ourselves instead of a requirement for us to live better, more productive and more meaningful lives.

The New Year is here and it’s a great time to think about making positive changes in 2023. Perhaps you’ve started setting big goals for your career, travel, relationships and the like but have you actually considered including quality sleep in your new year’s resolution? In case you haven’t, don’t worry, you’re not alone because more often than not, we tend to plan the things we would like to do but don’t get to think too much of the physical, mental and emotional state we need to be in to get there. Too often, we see rest as something that we do after a long period of productivity (sometimes to the point of burn out) as if it’s a reward we give ourselves instead of a requirement for us to live better, more meaningful and more productive lives.

Hence, in this article, we decided to take bit of step back and put the spotlight on why sleep should make it into your new year’s resolution. After all, getting enough quality sleep has been scientifically proven to be one of the most important aspects of physical and mental health. Not only does it improve overall wellbeing – both physically and mentally – but there are also numerous other benefits that come with regularly getting enough sleep.

Let’s look at five reasons why you should make sleep part of your New Year’s resolution for a better you in 2023. From improved cognitive functioning to better mood management, an adequate amount of quality sleep can work wonders not just for you but also for the people around you.

Reason 1: Getting sufficient amount of sleep can help improve your memory

         Getting a sufficient amount of quality sleep can help improve memory in several ways. Memory consolidation and recall are both enhanced with adequate sleep, meaning that new memories formed during the day are organized and stored better when you get enough sleep. Studies have found that people who get enough restful sleep remember more information than those who don’t. Additionally, getting enough sleep can improve your ability to focus, which is important for learning new things and being able to recall them quickly.

         Memory consolidation also happens while you’re awake, and regular physical activity has been shown to help strengthen this process even further. When engaging in physical activities such as walking or running during the day, it’s important to ensure that you’re getting enough restful sleep afterwards too; this will help your brain consolidate new learning faster and more effectively.

Reason 2: Better quality sleep improves your concentration levels and productivity

         Getting enough quality sleep is essential for concentration levels and productivity. When we are well rested, our mind is able to focus better and retain information more effectively. Studies have shown that getting at least 7-9 hours of sleep a night can help improve cognitive functioning, including our ability to concentrate and stay focused. This means that by getting enough restful sleep, we are better able to pay attention, absorb new information more quickly, and be more productive overall.

Reason 3: Healthy sleeping patterns can help with stress and mood management.

         Quality sleep helps to reduce stress levels, maintain a positive outlook and keep your emotions securely in check. Lack of sleep has been known to lead to irritability and depression.

         Better quality sleep also helps regulate moods which in turn helps with concentration. With better regulation of moods, you’ll be less likely to experience feelings of anxiety or depression which can interfere with your ability to focus on tasks. You’ll also be less likely to become easily distracted or frustrated when faced with complex tasks or situations. In addition, improved mood regulation boosts your confidence which can also help you remain focused and productive throughout the day.

Reason 4: Sleeping well can help us improve our relationships

         Adequate sleep is not only beneficial for our physical and mental wellbeing, it can also improve our relationships with others. When we are well rested, we are better able to show up in the world as the best version of ourselves. We have more energy to give to our friends and loved ones, allowing us to be more present and engaged in our interactions with them. Additionally, getting enough sleep can help us to manage our emotions more effectively and make better decisions when communicating with others.

          Studies have found that getting enough quality sleep increases an individual’s capacity for empathy. When we’re well-rested, we can better access higher cognitive functions that allow us to understand other people’s perspectives, leading to more productive conversations and deeper connections. Sleep has been linked to increased positive feelings toward others, providing those around us with better support and understanding.

         Furthermore, good sleep can make it easier for us to stay focused on what matters most in any given situation. This allows us to be mindful of others’ needs without feeling overwhelmed or overburdened by them. Instead of reacting out of fear or anger during an interaction, those who get enough restful sleep are able to take a step back and take a more reasoned approach in how they address difficult situations with other people.

Reason 5: Getting enough rest is part of God's design for our life

         And finally, the top most reason why we advocate for rest is because it is part of God’s design for our well-being and if our creator says, it is good for us then I don’t have any reason not to trust His word.

      There are countless scriptural references that can be pointed to in support of this. In the Bible, God commands his people to rest on the Sabbath day and keep it holy (Exodus 20:8). This commandment encourages us to rest at least one day out of each week, providing us with a needed break from our daily activities and routines. Rest is also advocated in other places in the scriptures. For example, Psalm 23:2 states “He makes me lie down in green pastures,” indicating that rest in Him provides an opportunity for renewal and refreshment. I would like to highlight though, that rest in this sense, does not refer to physical rest alone but the kind of rest that we find within the context of a genuine life-giving relationship with God, the kind of rest that gives us peace that surpasses all understanding even amidst challenging life situations.

        And of course, we will continue to highlight that the things that we do out of faith and obedience in God’s word are not contradictory but is rather is further evidenced by science. After all, He is the creator of everything and there are things that science is only discovering recently but God as already made known through His Word (if only we decided to go to His Word first). 🙂


         Perhaps it’s not new to you to learn about studies that show inadequate sleep leading to an array of health problems, such as high blood pressure, weight gain, diabetes and heart disease; while getting enough quality sleep has been proven to have numerous positive effects on our mental health.

Hence, it goes without saying then that making sure you get enough quality sleep should be a key component of your overall wellness plan in the New Year. Not only is it part of God’s design for our wellbeing but there are numerous physical, mental and spiritual benefits associated with getting adequate restful sleep regularly – making it something you should definitely consider adding into your resolutions list this year!


May we all find true rest in Him in 2023 and be productive in all that He has entrusted us to do!


Hi, I’m Des and I’m an entrepreneur, certified aromatherapist and Christian cognitive behavioral therapy practitioner. After leaving behind a 10-year career in the corporate world, I took my certification in aromatherapy and started Aurae Natura. My hope goes beyond providing you reliable and credible information about aromatherapy and therapeutic-quality essential oils but to serve you meaningful content that will also nourish you mentally, emotionally and  spiritually.

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