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Just Breathe


Can’t help but carry it around with or without stuffy nose.

Be Still


Be travel dizzy no more with this citrus-y and mint-y concoction!


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Our Guarantee

All our blends are made from plant-based ingredients which means you get to enjoy products free from harmful and synthetic toxins.

We only use 100% pure and unadulterated essential oils in our formulations mostly sourced from organically-certified farms.

We are proudly Filipino-made and our dream is to develop the Philippine essential oil industry through eventual local sourcing.

Genuinely pure and natural essential oils are meant to be experienced. Beyond its aroma lies a symphony of therapeutic properties allowing us to bring to life powerful, synergistic blends custom-made for a purpose.

At the heart of a place called Gawad Kalinga Enchanted Farm, I found what my soul was craving for: Meaning that the fleeting things of this world can never offer, the desire to lift up the lives of others not just through livelihood but also by pointing them to who and what really matters.

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