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Starting to learn about essential oils can be overwhelming. The truth is there’s so much information available out there that it’s easy to get lost in the sea of it all.


We put this guide together with you in mind. Our hope is to cut through the clutter and lay down the basics while, most importantly, covering vital safety information you need so you can use essential oils safely and effectively.

Our suggestion is to first identify your need. How do you think essential oils can specifically help you? Will you need an entire set at the onset or perhaps it’s best to start with just a few essentials? Learn to filter out information that is not necessary for you at the moment and make reading decisions based on what you need to know moment by moment.

This is why we created sections in this guide so you can read and get back to specific points as the need arises for you. No need to bite off more than you can comfortably chew. When you are ready, the sections in this learning guide will be here waiting for you. Feel free to browse at your own pace. Enjoy!