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Our Purpose


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[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]“A single day in a brothel and red light district can open your eyes to the frightening reality these women encounter. When you look into the eyes of a trafficking victim who has been robbed of her sense of self and self-respect, she will often tell you that you cannot help her because this is what she is now.

And for me, as much as I long to offer her my grief, my outrage, my efforts for her restoration, they cannot give her what she really wants – a redemption, a justice, an identity beyond her experience.

The greatest answer we have to give her is in God who can call her by name and reveal to her an identity far beyond what this life has given her. Our worldview tells us that we love because Christ loves us – it is what we have to offer to what is broken around us – the longing for assurance there was a violation to justice, the answer for a healing redemption. We love and we fight for the ultimate of human rights – that each one is made in His image and carries an intrinsic value that no man or woman has the right to violate. “

-Naomi Zacharias, Director of Wellspring International

This is the purpose of our existence. Apart from helping provide for physical, emotional and mental needs that contribute to the realization of dignified lives for trafficked women through provision for education, basic needs and a home which are all important, we invest on what or who is most important that can impact our life for eternity – the answer to what is broken around us – the source for true healing far beyond what all the essential oils in this world can offer – Christ.

Part of the proceeds from the sales of our products support the after care, spiritual journey and growth of trafficked women in the Philippines. As we continue to grow as an enterprise, we hope to be able to provide employment options for them as well so as not to lure them back to the dark life they once lived.

Behind every hand-painted essential oil diffuser is a story… The story of a woman who dared to hope for a better future by allowing herself to be freed from the shackles of poverty and exploitation. And you are a part of it. Each purchase goes much further than where the scent of the oils can take you but gives hope for restoration and dignity to the last, the least and the lost.